20 20 vision is not enough

Does your child struggle with reading and school work? Does homework take forever? Has the school labeled him as having ADD or ADHD? This can be a vision problem. Many kids are frustrated because they know they are intelligent, but still struggle to read or complete their work. Are you, as a parent, feeling the effects of an over-stressed visual system: difficulty concentrating, fatigue, motion sickness or disorientation, tunnel vision while driving, headaches,neck pain with extended computer use, trouble sleeping? You may also have an undiagnosed visual impairment!

Dr. Estelle J. Roberts, director of Park Vision Therapy Center in Somerville, NJ is a skilled expert in the field of behavioral optometry. Her specialized testing can determine if developmental vision problems are the real cause.

Whether you call it vision therapy, visual training, or visual skills remediation, participating in a program of vision therapy will increase the quality of your life. Park Vision Therapy Center's skilled technicians will teach you how to remove many of the visual skill problems which are currently preventing you from achieving your greatest success in school and/or business.

Vision enhancement is achieved by setting up conditions which allow the participant to learn through the visual system, resulting in more efficient information processing. Since 80% of learning is done through the visual system the end result of improving one's visual skills; is increased ease and accuracy in reading and writing as well as improved attention, focus, and behavior.

The Park Vision Therapy Center was founded by William Moskowitz, O.D., F.A.A.O., F.C.O.V.D. in 1958